Tölke Log Stuffer

30 April 2021 //


Tölke Log StufferThe Tölke Log Stuffer is a rotary machine designed to accept single file paper “logs” for wipes applications. The innovative Tölke design controls the infeed and back pressure to minimize deformation and uses a combination of gravity and mechanical devices to positively and gently insert the logs into cannisters accurately and positioned below the end of the drop point. 


Tölke’s unique dwell cam allows more time for the logs to be inserted into the cannisters compared to other machines that have a single point of tangency. Cannisters are inspected at the discharge of the machine and are positively rejected as they come out of the discharge star wheel if they are missing a log for any reason.


Tölke Logstuffer Model LS104 – Machine Specification Summary:

Roll size: 180mm long; Ø65mm
Can size: 210mm high; Ø84mm
Can opening: Ø70mm
Output: 120 – 180 rolls per minute

Infeed: Cans are fed with the opening facing up
Outfeed: Cans with roll are exited with the opening facing up
Improperly inserted rolls in the can are rejected.


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