We Are Pleased To Announce The Formation Of Tölke-USA Operated By DTM Packaging, LLC.

26 January 2016 //

NewsPress Release

Franz Tölke GmbH, Germany and DTM Packaging have partnered together to form Tölke-USA. The mission of the new relationship is to enhance the experience for all Tölke customers in North America. The formation of this partnership will bring a new level of service and support to existing and new Tölke clients. Starting February 1, 2016, Tölke-USA will begin to implement the following services:

  • Parts will be stocked in the DTM Packaging offices near Boston, MA
  • Technical Sales Support located in the regions
  • First Line Service Support available in the regions
  • Faster response times for inquiries in the regions
  • Billing and payments will be in USD through DTM’s office in Hingham, MA.
  • Importation and transportation coordinated through DTM
  • Expanded system integration opportunities with upstream and downstream production equipment.

Tölke-USA operated by DTM Packaging can also offer the following equipment:

  • Bottle Unscrambler
  • Cap Sorters
  • Cappers
  • Filling Machines
  • Elevators
  • Transfer Units
  • Aerosol Technology
  • Depalletizers
  • Punching and Wadding Machinery
  • Special Machinery

Tölke-USA, DTM Packaging, and Tölke GmbH team members will be visiting customers with installed Tölke machines in early 2016 to further explain the benefits of this new partnership and hear how we can be of service. For immediate assistance please contact Kim Doble and/or Guy Tringale. Additional contacts for Tölke-USA at DTM (781) 749-1866.