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Cosmetic products comprise multiple consistencies that require various packaging solutions. For example, packaging a liquid fragrance entails a different process than packaging powder eyeshadow. Securing high-quality cosmetic packaging machines geared toward your application needs ensures that your products remain safe and intact during shipping.

At DTM Packaging, we offer a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art cosmetic liquid filling machines that set high quality and performance standards. We manufacture and remanufacture packaging and bottling machinery ranging from custom automation equipment to entire packaging lines, providing companies with efficient, value-added packaging systems.

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Our Cosmetic Liquid Filling Machines

Whether you’re looking to package lipstick, lotion, nail polish, shampoo, or anything in between, we have the cosmetic packaging solutions you need to get the job done right. Our machines meet stringent industry regulations to ensure the highest quality products, no matter the consistency.

We carry a wide selection of packaging equipment designed for numerous cosmetic applications:

  • Liquid filling machines: Cosmetic filling equipment packages liquid products like perfumes, creams, oils, and lotions in various container types, such as plastic bottles, bags, glass jars, and pouches. Liquid filling machines come in many configurations based on product viscosities. 
  • Capping machines: Our capping machines protect filled cosmetics by sealing their container openings. This equipment places and tightens caps on each container to prevent the substances from leaking or spoiling. 
  • Labeling machines: After a product has been filled and capped, it is labeled using cosmetic labeling equipment. These machines can effectively label different container size and shapes, such as jars, bottles, and tubes, with optimal efficiency.
  • Bottle pucking and depucking machines: Puckers hold bottles in place while they are filled and capped while depuckers remove them after capping.
  • Bottle unscramblers: Our bottle unscramblers sort, orient, and deliver containers, organizing them into groups for conveyor system use. 
  • Cap feeders and elevators: These solutions supply a controlled cap quantity and orient them correctly. The elevator eliminates the need for manual filling
  • Conveying systems: Our conveyor systems reliably move bulky objects from one location to another. 

Benefits of Using Machines From DTM Packaging 

When you purchase cosmetic packaging products from DTM Packaging, you’ll experience all the advantages of these cutting-edge machines, including:

  • Consistency: Automated cosmetic packaging machines deliver accurate, consistent, and repeatable fills every time.
  • Speed: Our packaging equipment performs high-speed operations that boost productivity.
  • Versatility: No matter how many different products and containers your company runs, our versatile machines can handle them all.
  • Safety: Automated processes eliminate manual tasks that can result in worker injury, promoting safer operations.
  • Cost savings: Automated equipment like cosmetic liquid filling machines eliminates the need for manual processes, which can cut labor costs.

Use Packaging Machines for the Cosmetic Industry Today

If you’re looking to package your cosmetic products with optimal reliability and efficiency, purchase your machines from DTM Packaging. We have a vast range of packaging capabilities and services, from design consulting and after-sale parts to machinery rebuilds and restorations. We’re proud to serve many major industries with top-of-the-line packaging machines, such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, personal care, and more. 

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