5 Benefits of Custom Automation Packaging Equipment

02 March 2023 //

Custom Automation

Custom automation packaging solutions can aid your business by performing tasks like putting products in containers, preparing packages, applying labels, and bundling packages. Automating your machinery instead of relying on manual labor is advantageous for your operations, employees, and bottom line.

Companies of any size across various industries can benefit from automation in these ways:

1. More Cost Savings on Labor and Materials

The initial cost of an automated packaging line is offset by the money it saves over time. Automation minimizes the expense of packaging products by reducing your:

  • Labor costs: Machines can take over repetitive tasks, such as erecting cases and wrapping pallets, while working faster than manual workers. Higher production with less need for laborers saves money.
  • Material costs: Automated equipment uses less material with its consistent workflow and has fewer scrap and wasted materials. Your material costs are also reduced because you can buy fewer packaging materials to sustain your production.

These cost savings allow your company to package more products and gain more profits.

2. Reduced Safety Issues With Machines

Outdated equipment can be unsafe for employees because they often lack the physical and technological safeguards that prevent accidents. Automated equipment has built-in features that reduce safety hazards. Since automatic machinery does not need a human worker to get the job done, your employees are less likely to be involved in an equipment-related accident, as well.

3. Diminished Risk of Injury

Manual operations can increase the chance of injury due to the strain of repetitive motion on the body. Using packaging line custom automation transfers these tasks to machines instead of workers, decreasing the likelihood of injuries.

Protecting your team members can also save your company money. Fewer injuries translate to fewer workers’ compensation claims.

4. Fewer Potential Bottlenecks

Manual packaging systems can create bottlenecks in production. Human errors from workers forgetting a step or completing a process incorrectly can slow or stop production. If workers must wait on a manual process to complete their tasks, production can get backed up during the idling.

Automation alleviates these bottlenecks. The machinery works at a steady pace to keep up with the production line and eliminates the human error component. As a result, the production line can continue at a steady interval.

5. Improved Production Speed and Efficiency

Manual packaging lines typically run at less than full capacity since human employees cannot work as quickly as machines. With custom automation packaging systems, the machinery can operate at a quicker pace. This faster production speed leads to more product output and efficiency in the packaging process.

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