At DTM Packaging, we are proud to partner with Nita Labelers, a leader in innovative labeling technology. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing the highest quality packaging solutions through advanced technology to our customers.

Nita is known in the industry for their high-tech, user-friendly labeling machines. Their machines boast a host of features designed to minimize downtime and enhance operational efficiency. These include 100% license-free, non-proprietary electronics and software that are easy to maintain and readily available​.

The versatility of Nita’s machines allows them to handle a wide range of labeling tasks such as applying front, back, wrap, and multi-panel labels on various materials including glass, plastic, and metal.

Our collaboration with Nita Labelers enables DTM Packaging to offer reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge labeling solutions to our clients. By integrating Nita’s innovative technologies into our services, we enhance our ability to meet diverse client needs with machines that are not just tools, but integral parts of an intelligent, streamlined packaging process.

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