Packaging Machinery for Personal Care Products

Personal care products, like shampoo, lipstick, deodorant, and moisturizer, require special packaging materials to keep the product free from contamination and damage from the production line to the customer. DTM Massman has packaging machines tailored to the personal care industry, including custom machines for your business’s requirements.

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Packaging Machines for the Personal Care Industry

DTM Massman has several packaging machine options tailored to personal care products. Companies can use these machine options with small and large runs of product batches.

Our packaging options for personal care include:

  • Liquid filling machines: Our liquid filling machines fill bottles with liquid to a preset value. Then, the valve shuts off the flow to the nozzle. These machines have a sanitary design to prevent contaminating the fluid while keeping the measurements accurate.
  • Capping: Automatic capping machines apply and tighten caps to containers. The machine places the lid on the container’s opening, then tightens it to secure the bottle’s contents. Capping machines are available in various sizes to fit the container size or closing method.
  • Labeling: Our labeling machines apply labels to containers using pressure-sensitive sensors, heat, and adhesives. Before workers pack the container for shipping, the labeling machine secures the label in the appropriate place.
  • Bottle pucking and depucking: Our bottle pucking and depucking machines secure and open bottles for the capping and filling processes. The pucking machine keeps the container in place, and the depucking machine removes the bottles from the pucks to continue on the production line.
  • Bottle unscrambler: The bottle unscrambler machine sends bottles to production automatically, working at high speed to keep up with the other machines in the process line. Bottle unscramblers are often the first machine in the production line.
  • Cap feeders and elevators: The cap feeders and elevators at DTM Massman feed bottles to the bottle unscrambler. The feeder takes the bottles from a hopper, and the elevator transports them to the unscrambler machine.
  • Conveying systems: The conveying system moves bottles through the packaging line to bring each container to various production sections. Conveyors can have an L- or U-shape or be bottomless.
  • Custom automation: If your personal care business needs custom machines, DTM Massman can build automated equipment tailored to your requirements.

Benefits of DTM Massman Packaging Machines for Personal Care Products

Using our packaging machines for the personal care industry has several advantages, including:

  • Quality control: Automated packaging equipment keeps your products secure by reducing the chance of faulty packaging. Quality control increases trust in your brand.
  • Efficiency: Machines handle the simple, repetitive tasks in the production line to reduce labor needs.
  • Safety: Our machines are safer than outdated systems or human errors, decreasing the chance of personnel injury or product damage.

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