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Packaging for food products must protect the contents, follow industry trends, reflect your brand, and meet budgets. Packaging equipment for food supports these goals while encouraging high production and low operational costs. DTM Massman has several packaging machines tailored for the food industry.

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How Our Packaging Machines Serve the Food Industry

Our packaging equipment keeps food fresh and costs low, from production to shipping to distribution. These automated machines operate efficiently for small and large run batches:

  • Liquid filling machines: Our liquid filling machines pour liquid products into bottle containers. The liquid discharges through a nozzle, and the valve turns off the flow when the bottle reaches the preset value amount. This precise process delivers the same amount of liquid every time.
  • Capping: The capping machines apply and tighten caps on containers. The machine sets the lid on the bottle mouth, then tightens it until it’s secure. You can mount some of our capping equipment over conveyor lines.
  • Labeling: Our labeling machines adhere labels to containers. The equipment puts the label on the designated area and seals it to the surface using adhesives, heat, or pressure-sensitive sensors.
  • Bottle pucking and depucking: Bottles must be stable during the capping and filling processes, which can be difficult depending on the container’s shape and size. Pucking machines hold the bottle in place during these processes, and the depucking machine removes the bottles from the pucks when complete.
  • Bottle unscrambler: These machines deliver bottles to the production line in the correct orientation. These machines can work at high speeds and are more productive than manual labor.
  • Cap feeders and elevators: Our cap feeders and elevators supply bottles for the bottle unscrambler. The feeder holds the bottles, and the elevator carries them to the unscrambler.
  • Conveying systems: A conveyor system transports the containers throughout production, so each bottle goes through filling, capping, and labeling. Conveyors can be bottomless or have an L- or U-shape.
  • Custom automation: If your food production line needs specialized equipment, DTM Massman can build equipment tailored to your needs.

Benefits of DTM Massman Packaging Machines for the Food Industry

The food packaging machines by DTM Massman offer many advantages, including:

  • Customization: We can custom-build any automated equipment you need. We can meet your requirements for speed, accuracy, precision, and more.
  • Productivity: Our packaging machines handle repetitious tasks quickly and efficiently, so your personnel can focus on other objectives.
  • Cost efficiency: Packaging for food products reduces labor and operational costs since they do not require supervision. You can also realize savings by reducing the number of rejected products and adjusting your production line to meet demand.

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Having the right packaging machines is crucial for the food industry. DTM Massman has packaging equipment tailored to the food industry’s unique needs. We can support your packaging process by creating a custom machine, developing a packaging line, and more. Our team is here to help, from design to installation.

Contact us online or call 781-749-1866 to learn more about our packaging for the food industry.

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