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The competitive nature of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals requires pharma companies to stay ahead of competitors. Quality matters for the products and their containers. 

Packaging for the pharmaceutical industry protects medications, and DTM Massman has innovative machine solutions designed for the industry’s needs.

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Packaging Machines for Pharmaceutical Products

Having the right packaging solution in your production line protects pharmaceuticals and customers. Our packaging machines support automation and efficiency for all batch sizes.

Our packaging for pharmaceuticals includes:

  • Liquid filling machines: DTM Massman filling machines discharge liquid through a nozzle to fill bottles to a preset value, then shut off the flow with a valve. This method ensures accurate measuring, and the sanitary design prevents the product from coming into contact with contaminants.
  • Capping: Our capping machines apply a cap to a container, then tighten the cap to secure it in place. Capping machines are available in different sizes to accommodate the container or method of closing the container. Some models can be mounted over existing conveyor lines.
  • Labeling: The labeling machines place and secure labels on containers using adhesives, heat, and pressure-sensitive sensors. On the production line, labeling machines are placed between cappers and case packers, making labeling the final production step before shipping.
  • Bottle pucking and depucking: Pucking machines support bottles during capping and filling. The depucking machines remove the bottles from the pucks to continue in the production line. Pucks are best for unusually shaped and sized containers, allowing changeovers to happen quicker.
  • Bottle unscrambler: These machines automatically feed bottles onto the production line at high speed, eliminating the need for manual labor. These machines are the first step of the production process. 
  • Cap feeders and elevators: Our cap feeders and elevators feed bottles to the bottle unscrambler machine. The bottles are held in a container, and the elevator lifts the bottles into the unscrambler.
  • Conveying systems: The conveying system transports the bottles through the packaging line automatically to complete the filling, capping, and labeling processes. The conveyor can have an L- or U-shape.
  • Custom automation: DTM Massman can build custom automated equipment for assembly machinery, web handling, and more.

Benefits of DTM Massman Machines for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical packaging machines by DTM Massman help customers:

  • Improve medication adherence by making medication easily accessible and dispensable.
  • Protect medication integrity by keeping it preserved and stable.
  • Reduce the chance of counterfeiting by adding tamper-resistance features.
  • Increase brand identity and recognition.
  • Keep pharmaceuticals profitable through preserved, safe medication.

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Pharmaceutical companies need efficient packaging machinery to preserve their products’ integrity and safety. DTM Massman supports any packaging equipment need, from creating custom equipment to developing a packaging line. We can help bring efficiency and value to your system, from design to installation.

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