Service Contracts and Support Information

Service Person DTM Packaging Custom Automation guarantees the machinery it builds for one year. Service contracts are available to maintain your equipment past our warranty period. We know how important it is to a business to keep a piece of production machinery up and running and we make service and support a top priority.
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Service is not something that is considered only after a machine is finished. Trouble free operation is designed into all our equipment. For example, to allow for easy maintenance, we can install manual or automatic single point lubrication systems in appropriate areas. Bushings have grease fittings and bearings are sealed whenever required. To reduce down time, we also provide a list of recommended spare parts with each machine we build. We keep a full set of documentation on hand for each piece of equipment we build so replacement parts are easily produced. We can manufacture those parts for your stock to make sure needed replacement parts are readily available.

Servicing MachineOur years of design experience can benefit our customers in another way: since our service personnel must be familiar with many different types of equipment that we design and build, they are well qualified to service other existing equipment our customers have.