Accumulation Tables

Maximize your production efficiency with our robust and versatile Accumulation Tables, designed for seamless integration and superior performance.

Manufactured from 1/8” thick 304 stainless steel, these tables boast unparalleled strength and longevity, making them a reliable addition to any production line. The main structure, constructed from 2-inch stainless steel square tubing, ensures robust support and stability. The stainless steel disc is securely backed by a ½ inch aluminum plate, providing additional reinforcement. Encased in sleek stainless steel covers on all four sides, our accumulation tables are designed for both functionality and aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly into any industrial environment.

Powered by a reliable DC gear motor, our Accumulation Tables offer variable speed control through an easy-to-use potentiometer, allowing for precise adjustments to suit your operational needs. Capable of handling up to 150 containers per minute, these tables significantly enhance productivity while minimizing downtime. Experience the perfect combination of cutting-edge engineering and user-friendly design with our Accumulation Tables. Scroll down to explore more details and access our comprehensive PDF guide to discover how our advanced solutions can elevate your production capabilities.

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