DTM Newsletter for January 2021

29 January 2021 //

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We are kicking off the 2021 New Year with our first combined Massman Liquid Filling Systems Newsletter. We will now feature all three brands of Liquid Filling Packaging Solutions in one newsletter: DTM Packaging & Custom Automation, Ideal Pase. Each month we will feature a liquid filling & packaging line solution from each of our brands. Three extensive product lines from the well-known brands and one sales team to assist you in a single filling or packaging machine or an entire integrated turnkey line.


This month we are featuring filling machines from Ideal Pase and a DePucking System from DTM Packaging.


DTM Packaging Dual Belt DePucking System

Containers are manufactured in all shapes and sizes, many are unstable on feed conveyors due to their shape. To overcome this, pucks are used to support the bottle during the filling and capping process. DTM Packaging’s Dual Belt De-Pucking System automatically removes the bottles from the pucks once the cap has been applied. In the application featured in our attached (video) grey pucks are automatically separated from the sticks of deodorant. DTM also offers Pucking Systems for the front of a packaging line for those who require it. For this particular application DTM’s machine provided product orientation of a deodorant stick – flipping it 360 degrees so it comes out upright – at run rates over 300 ppm.


Ideal Pase Portable Net-Weight Filling Machine

Ideal Pase’s Model ME1-CAM is an affordable net-weight filling machine featuring simple push button operation, auto net weight filling, a Rice Lake weight controller and the ability to accurately fill and close ½ pint, pint, quart and gallon containers including 1-gallon f-style. This machine is available with an auto lid placer option and a standard heavy-duty roller closer. A powered tabletop chain conveyor transports filled containers under the optional lid placer and standard roller closer. Other options include; Class 1 Div 1 packages, pneumatic hand wrench for F-Style caps, stainless steel wash-down frame and a variety of nozzle sizes and styles to best match your container size and product characteristics.


PASE Group Auto Drum, Tote & Pail Filling Solution

PASE Group’s innovative auto drum and tote filling machine with a vision sub-system that automatically locates all the drum bung locations and then auto fills them without an operator – is available in a configuration that will also auto fill pails on a pallet – up to 16 on a pallet. This Allen Bradley PLC-based machine features 3 powered conveyors – providing bi-directional pallet transport – allowing for filling and capping or loading on either exit conveyor from the motorized scale conveyor. For factories with limited floor space this drum, tote or pail filling machine combines the filling machines capabilities of two machines into one compact filling solution. This machine can be ordered in Class 1/Div 1, Stainless Steel Washdown and various conveyor configurations.