DTM Quick Ship Purefil 1500, 2000, and 2500

27 July 2022 //

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DTM Massman is now stocking a limited number of its Purefil Walking Beam & Indexing Flow Meter Filling machines for quick delivery.


Our ready to ship inventory includes:


DTM Purefil 1500Purefil 1500 Indexing Flow Meter Fillers


  The DTM Packaging 1500 Purefil In-line Flow Meter Filler incorporates a sanitary design of the entire product path within the filler eliminating all points subject to potential contamination.


  • Speed to 150/minute depending on size and product.
  • Mass or Magnetic flow meters and control system with Allen Bradley PLC and HMI.
  • Average Fill volume accuracy to +/- 0.25% standard deviation.
  • Clean design for quick product changes and no tools quick size changes.
  • Indexing bottle control with adjustable entry and exit bottle gating cylinders.
  • 316L stainless steel product contact parts.
  • DTM Purefil 2000

    316 Stainless tank for the reception of products to be filled, includes level control.

  • 304 Stainless steel heavy duty stainless steel welded frame.
  • All product contact parts are stainless steel, Teflon, Viton and sanitary design.



PUREFIL 2000 & 2500 Walking Beam Flow Meter Fillers

  • Simple to operate, clean hygienic machine design, sanitary design product path
  • On board pressure supply tank rated at 75 PSI and equipped with dual spray ball cleaning
  • Volume or weight filling with highly precise product dosing utilizing Mag or Mass flow meters
  • Flush in Place system included with each machine
  • Bottom-Up fill capability for foamy or high viscosity products
  • Quick to change over, highly flexible for a wide range of products and container sizes
  • Continuous motion servo driven system with speeds up to 300 BPM
  • Purefil Models 2000 & 2500 are identical except Model 2500 is longer to accommodate larger bottles with more filling heads
  • DTM Purefil 2500Available as a standalone filler or as part of a complete bottling line


If you need a fast, accurate and easy to maintain filling machine with built-in “flush-in-place” cleaning – please contact your regional DTM sales representative today for more information on how the “Quick-Ship” DTM Purefil Line of Filling Machines can improve your filling operations in no time!