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Capping Machines

Cappers, Feeders, and Elevators for Efficient Packaging Solutions

At DTM Packaging, we offer advanced capping, feeding, and elevating solutions to streamline your packaging process. Our centrifugal cap feeder is specifically designed for exceptional flexibility, capable of sorting and feeding a wide range of cap shapes and sizes, including irregular shapes. This gentle control in handling is ideally suited for managing delicate finishes, ensuring product integrity.

With quick-change interchangeable center sections, our feeder can be changed over in a matter of minutes, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. The cap feeder plays a critical role in the efficiency of your packaging line, providing a reliable supply of caps to the capping machine.

Our state-of-the-art cappers are engineered for precision and reliability, ensuring secure and consistent sealing of containers. They are compatible with a variety of cap types and container sizes, making them versatile for different production requirements. These cappers integrate seamlessly with our feeders and elevators, creating a cohesive system that optimizes the packaging process.

Elevators in our system are designed to transport caps efficiently to the feeder, maintaining a steady supply and reducing manual intervention. This automated solution not only enhances productivity but also ensures a smooth and continuous operation. 

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Remanufactured Bottle and Cap Elevators

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  • 619-Cap Elevator
  • 620-Cap Elevator
  • 637-PSC Elevator
  • 689-Kap L Elevator
  • 745-Hoppmann Cap Elevator
  • 750-Alpha Cap Elevator
  • 751-DYCO Bottle Elevator
  • 768-PSC Cap Elevator
  • 830-Mengibar Cap Elevator
  • 831-Mengibar Cap Elevator
  • 904-Zalkin Cap Elevator

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