Our Remanufactured Equipment

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The Rebuilding Process

  • A thorough review of application requirements and specifications is done to define project.
  • A qualified technician is assigned to ensure a proper inspection and testing is completed.
  • Equipment is disassembled and cleaned.
  • An inspection of all wear parts is made to determine which parts are to be replaced.
  • Components are cleaned and if necessary, stripped through the use of sand or glass beading.
  • Lube system is fully removed and updated to today’s standard.
  • Guards and proximity switch interlocks added to doors for safety.
  • Equipment is re-painted or re-coated to customer specifications.
  • The equipment is reassembled and each sub-assembly is inspected and tested.
  • Equipment is dry-cycled and checked for smooth operation.
  • The operation of each safety device is confirmed.
  • The functionality and operation of all miscellaneous devices, including container handling parts, are verified.
  • Customers are invited to inspect the machinery running prior to shipment
  • Technicians are available to install the equipment and train your operators.

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