PSC Magnetic Torque System

You can update your PSC with our magnetic torque system featuring a hysteresis design to extend the life of the capping heads. The capping chuck floats to reduce ratcheting and the likelihood of cross-threading.

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Magnetic Torque System for Pneumatic Scale Cappers

Our latest design has a system to allow the capping chuck to “float” which helps minimize the chance of cross threading.

Features and Benefits:

  • Torque range from (2 to 50 in/lbs)
  • Hysteresis, not synchronous design
  • No electricity or slip rings
  • Smooth constant torque
  • No friction parts to wear out
  • Vernier type torque adjust
  • Custom OEM versions available

Hysteresis vs. Synchronous

Most magnetic capping heads today are synchronous design, using two sets of opposed magnets to achieve the desired torque. The result is a noisy ratcheting effect. Our specialty is the Hysteresis design.


Because of the hysteresis design, meticulous grinding and potting of the magnets with protective epoxy, our capping heads will give you years of long life. They are incredibly smooth and accurate so they can be run 24/7. They are the most cost effective capping heads for today’s quick change demanding environment.

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