Sanitary Supply System for PSC Fillers

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  • Filler Sanitary Supply System Upgrade
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  • Sanitary Supply System

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Filler Sanitary Supply System Upgrade

The DTM Sanitary Upgrade Package Provides for the following:

Product contact for all internal surfaces is designed to minimize the environment for microbial growth. We focus on minimizing nooks and crannies and internal surface finish to minimize micro-organism adaptation and growth.

Our system is easily cleanable, i.e. all intended surfaces have contact with the cleaning/sanitizing agent and the cleaning/sanitizing procedure is repeatable, and easily accomplished.

Given the above, we have established the following sanitary design features which are applied.

1. All piping and components are of a sanitary design/configuration and constructed with product contact surface of an FDA-approved material/finish. Generally 316 SS with a #4 finish.
2. All piping systems are passivated after construction completion with appropriate chemicals/procedures.
3. Our system is fully drainable without disassembly.
4. Piping is sloped 1/16″ per foot to a low point drain.
5. Materials for gaskets are customer specified.
6. System is designed to obtain 3-5 ft/sec water velocity required for washouts to adequately clean the system. For hard-to-clean products we use a high pressure, high volume washout.
7. The DTM Sanitary design uses no threaded connections in product supply pipe, tri-clamp connections are the preferred method for joining pipes. Our Rotary joint uses tri-clamp connections on both ends.
8. Rotary Joint housing is 316 stainless steel construction with twin bearing and twin seal design to maintain alignment and seal longevity.

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