Sanitary Supply System for PSC Fillers

We offer a sanitary supply system upgrade for pneumatic scale capper (PSC) fillers. This system reduces the environment for potential microbial adaptation and growth by decreasing tight corners and internal surface finish. The system is easy to clean by contacting the surfaces with a sanitizing agent.

Some of the upgrades included are:

  • Piping and components with a sanitary configuration and FDA-approved material.
  • Passivated piping systems from chemical procedures.
  • 1/16-inch slope per foot to a drain.

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Filler Sanitary Supply System Upgrade

The DTM Sanitary Upgrade Package Provides for the following:

Product contact for all internal surfaces is designed to minimize the environment for microbial growth. We focus on minimizing nooks and crannies and internal surface finish to minimize micro-organism adaptation and growth.

Our system is easily cleanable, i.e. all intended surfaces have contact with the cleaning/sanitizing agent and the cleaning/sanitizing procedure is repeatable, and easily accomplished.

Given the above, we have established the following sanitary design features which are applied.

1. All piping and components are of a sanitary design/configuration and constructed with product contact surface of an FDA-approved material/finish. Generally 316 SS with a #4 finish.
2. All piping systems are passivated after construction completion with appropriate chemicals/procedures.
3. Our system is fully drainable without disassembly.
4. Piping is sloped 1/16″ per foot to a low point drain.
5. Materials for gaskets are customer specified.
6. System is designed to obtain 3-5 ft/sec water velocity required for washouts to adequately clean the system. For hard-to-clean products we use a high pressure, high volume washout.
7. The DTM Sanitary design uses no threaded connections in product supply pipe, tri-clamp connections are the preferred method for joining pipes. Our Rotary joint uses tri-clamp connections on both ends.
8. Rotary Joint housing is 316 stainless steel construction with twin bearing and twin seal design to maintain alignment and seal longevity.

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